History of Dory Boats

by admin on March 3, 2010

Dories are very small boats which are only 16 to 22 feet in length. They are shallow-draft boat and they are lightweight and very versatile with high sides, sharp bows, and flat bottom. For many centuries, they have been used in commercial fishing. But do you know that dory boats are part of Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s great fishing history?

Dory boats were once part of Newfoundland’s fishing history and some other parts of the United Sates. For five centuries, fishing was the way of life in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1497 when John Cabot reached the place, he found out that the waters round the New Land were rich with fishes, so many that his team could lower a basket and fill it with a lot of fishes.

Earlier, fishing was the main source of food for people who lived in the outports using their dories powered by oars or winds. Engines were later used for trap fishing. It is when larger boats were built that the people engaged in deep sea fishery. These large boats were called Banking Schooners. These large boats carried dories with them. From each dory, two people would usually fish in them.

A man named Simeon Lowell is responsible for the invention of the dory. He was given credit for this invention. He came from England but then transferred to Massachusetts. He built his first dory in 1793. The name “Dory” came from a red fish called “John Dory Fish” that was found in the waters of Nova Scotia. Dory boats are also called “The Little Lady of the North Atlantic”.

These days, do you know that dory boats can cost as much as $1000? Long time ago it a dory would only cost them around $12. As many years have gone by, people in Newfoundland and Labrador are very excellent in making their own dories. Today, dories have been built by people all over the world.

Recently, more and more people are getting interested in this type of boat. In fact many are trying to experiment with the dory type, even refining the type to some degree. Today, dory boats are primarily used for pleasure and they have utilized new materials, techniques, and strategies different to what other people centuries ago used. Purchasing a dory boat today can cost you a good sum of money. These types of boat are hard to find today and maybe that would explain why they’re quite expensive.

Because of the price of purchasing a dory boat these days, it is a good option to build your own dory boat. Why not? The Internet is one important tool for you to make your research. You can find reliable dory plans online. They’re not only very reliable. Since dory boats are not the easiest boats to build, easy to follow sea dory plans can help a lot and can make a difference. These guides are excellent not only for people with experience in building one. Even people without knowledge and experience on how to build this amazing boat can greatly benefit from these dory plans.

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